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The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to Ron Fletcher - a 20 year student and protege of Joseph and Clara Pilates. 

Fletcher's organic, movement- based approach to the original Pilates method has inspired an entire generation of Pilates teachers and practitioners.

A Pilates Master Teacher, a well known author, and an esteemed Martha Graham dancer, amongst other achievements within Broadway - Ron Fletcher's refinement of the Pilates system of Body Contrology included elements of dance and brought the movement practice onto its' feet.  

About Nancie Rosales

Nancie is a professional Fletcher Pilates® instructor who studied with Ron Fletcher for 7 years.  


She began studying Pilates in 1999 and had completed a program of study with another lineage.  Upon meeting Ron Fletcher in 2004, she became his student and studied with him until his passing in 2011.  


She earned a BFA in Dance with honors from The University of Montana and is dedicated to sharing Fletcher Pilates®.  Nancie regularly attends workshops in Tucson, Arizona - International Headquarters of Fletcher Pilates®. 


When you come in for your class or lesson, be assured that you are receiving superb, professional instruction. 


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